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Ambient Scenting

Ambient scenting is the art of having the capability to define the corporate identity of a brand and to convey its brand message in a permanent and fortified way. Traditional marketing and brand-awareness methods have obtained a new depth and dimension with this approach. Following studies and observations of your company, Carpex creates the scent that most represents the identity of your brand and the message it conveys and commences the fragrance design along with technical procedures needed for your brand identity to gain its permanent and accurate base in the minds of your customers.


As a company with experience and knowledge in the field as both manufacturer and provider of services for years, we are able to handle all requests and needs of our customers in an optimal manner


In order to meet the needs of our customers, the latest trends in the world are followed and combined with our own experiences to provide the most appropriate approach to satisfy demands.


Technical analysis is done and project solutions created for the production and distribution of brand-specific corporate fragrances with infrastructures applicable to all environments.

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Your Signature Fragrance

By designing your signature fragrance, there will be a component of your brand that makes it complete to deliver a lasting impact on memory. Carpex enables you to connect with your consumers on a one-on-one level in order to live the moment.

Your signature fragrance that becomes one with the values and understanding of your company provides an added value to your brand with its unique structure which is custom-made for you.

Thus , a brand management of global standards is realized in the field of “Scent Marketing”, is an important component of brand communication in today’s world.


You could use your signature scent and reflect your brand identiy in stores, offices, residences, restaurants.

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Hotels & Residences

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Restaurant & Cafes

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Shopping Centers

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Activity Areas

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Common Areas