Carpex is a leading corporation serving the globe and providing a full-scope of services in the field of fragrance-based marketing strategy known as “scent marketing”, with professional ambient scenting, through the design of fragrances as an institutional signature of a brand.

Carpex, provides services in professional ambient scenting and branding in over forty countries across multiple continents -starting from Europe, including Asia, Africa and more. Carpex manufactures products using the most advanced technologies in line with ISO 9001 standards.

Carpex designs the corporate scents of leading corporations in Turkey using IFRA-approved, 100% herbal extracts, and has become the leading instutional scenting company of the nation. Equipped with that know-how and powerful infrastructure that comes with being a manufacturer, Carpex provides professional ambient scenting services and a two year warranty for its devices. Throughout Turkey, Carpex also provides its own service team to provide technical support in post-sales and rental, such as; spare parts and repair, periodic examinations, and replacements when needed.

Furthermore, with the help of a software custom-designed for each brand, customers of Carpex are able to individually follow the periodical exchange details of the devices which they have been provided.

Ortam ve Mağaza Kokulandırma - fabirka

Carpex Group is composed of the different manufacturing and service supplying associates of Netpak Electronics Ltd., Sinyal Cosmetics Ltd. and Carpex Co.