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Creating brand-specific signature fragrances, Carpex makes it possible for you to establish a special way of communication. While completing the ground work on fragrance selection along with your long term commitment on building your brand of scent, we will make sure that such customized scent would be assembled at laboratories of highest and most strict quality standards where you are able to deliver to the target audience the identity of desired scent signature with confidence and sustainability

Aroma Diffusers and Fragrances

Carpex manufactures devices that are the most preferred, effective and of the healthiest fragrance diffusion technologies in the fields of professional ambient scenting and “Scent Marketing.”

“Micro Diffusion Technology” is cutting-edge technology that separates aromas in liquid form to particles smaller than a micron, making it possible to diffuse homogenously to its surroundings. This technology makes it possible to diffuse fragrances in an effective and reliable manner without the use of heat, alcohol or any harmful chemicals.

With the ergonomic designs and advanced techonology, our devices have the capacity to meet any and every need. .

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Experienced Business Partner

An experienced business partner in every stage of professional fragrancing that starts from the technical know-how and strength of being a manufacturing unit.

Distinguishable Fragrances

Brand scents that are unique, of a “fine-fragrance” quality, composed of 100% essential oils, and that do not contain any harmful substances.

Widespread Support Network

Fast solutions and impeccable service made possible with a broad service network that encompasses all areas of Turkey, and other territories where we serve.

Meets With World Standards

The production process and use of essences meet both the world standards of IFRA and standards of the Health Ministry

Professional Management

Project management, with a corporate understanding of service by professional customer representatives aiming at the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Essential Oils

Producing strong and long lasting fragrances by using essential oils


Let us design your brand-specific fragrance together in just six steps, with a professional approach in every step of the process



In order to gain an understanding of your objective in the area of fragrancing and to identify the needs of your corporation, our team comes together with you for a consultation.


Fragrance Development

Operational targets and the selection of fragrances is completed for the space that is to be scented, and based on the data obtained, fragrances are designed reflecting your corporate identity.


Presentation of Fragrance Design

Fragrances, designed with the objective of meeting optimally the needs of your brand, are presented to your interest in the spaces in which they will be used.


The Demo Process

The trial period begins following a demo in the space in which the chosen fragrance will be used.


The Observation Process

The environment in which the fragrance will be used is explored, the number and type of devices to be used is determined.


The Installation Process

Following the finalization of all the above steps, a contract is signed and begins the set up process of the devices.

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Lounge Areas

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Restaurants & Cafes

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Shoping Center

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