The Magic of Scent

There exist some scents that transport one within seconds to cities and places of long times past. A whiff of perfume caught while walking down the street reminds one of a past lover; because the sense of smell is the strongest of memories, and that which is the easiest to recall and the hardest to forget. Recent research is also inclined to prove that smell is the most effective of our basic senses.
Brands have also been quick to discover the power of smell, and have started to manfacture and use scents that are unique to their own. Such use of scents by brands is called
“scent marketing” and, by utilizing the sense of smell for marketing, it brings recognition to a whole new level.
Pleasant odors are used to embed the brand in memory in the most effective way, while also making the product more attractive.

How does Scent Affect Customers’ Buying Behaviour?
The first thing we notice when we enter a store or venue is the fragrance of that environment. Naturally, this phenomenon leads the decision-making process of consumers. A pleasant scent increases the duration of stay at a store or venue by 20% and increases the likelihood of purchase by 70%.
Ortam ve Mağaza Kokulandırma - magaza

Which Odor Leads to Success?
A pleasant odor differs for each individual. A strategy in line with the
In order for the odor to be applied to yield successful results, it must be in line with the ambiance and a strategy must be formulated that befits product image.
For example, fresh and breezy fragrances are preferred in children’s stores, flower fragrances in women’s and spicy fragrances in men’s.

Scent Marketing Strategies of Famous Brands

In addition to its effect on buying, odors can also attract new customer, and increase brand loyalty and satisfaction. One of the brands that successfully uses the sense of smell is Rolls Royce. When, in the 1960s, hardcore fans of Rolls-Royce claim that the new model falls short of providing the joy that the previous model had provided, the brand does a thorough investigation of the matter, discovering that the problem stems from an issue of smell.
Thus, customer satisfaction is fostered by creating the unique Rolls-Royce fragrance. And this approach is put to use by virtually all manufacturers of automobile. Naturally, this is a stragety utilizd by other producers as well.

Another interesting story comes from Nike:
A pair of the same model of Nike running shoes are placed each in two separate rooms of the same decor. One of the rooms is given a mixed flowery scent, while the other room is left without any odors. In the survey that follows, 84% of the trial participants prefer the room in the scented room. And even more interestingly is that the pair of shoes in the scented room are guessed to have a higher price as well.

As a result…
Scent-marketing is not a marketing strategy to be taken lightly. Once the right ambient scent has been identified, it captures loyal customers that recall your brand with a positive image. And thus, no matter where they sense the scent, it makes it possible to leave an effective imprint on memory.



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