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Following extensive surveys, the fragrance “Citroen Fresh Oriental,” designed by Carpex Corporate’s specialist perfumers has met all the Citroen showrooms in Turkey.

This dense and lasting fragrance, that is based on fresh notes of grapefruit, lemon and tangerine, feeds upon the spicy accords of sage leaves and coriander to make you feel uplifted while also trigger a sense of confidence. Frankincense and amber notes fused with pine trees and cashmere add a touch of clean leather to the scent, while also fortifying an image of sturdiness an quality, as well as a feeling of refreshment.

Carpex, who has individually designed LC WAIKIKI’s corporate signature fragrance following extensive studies and surveys, scents all the LC WAIKIKI stores in Turkey with a special essential mixture.

The fragrance designed especially for LC WAIKIKI -“Mysterious Valley,” has been created in a harmony of notes and with rich content. It invites you to the mystical worlds of nature, increasing your energy of life and providing a feeling of rejuvenation.
“Mysterious Valley” reflects the pure spirit of nature with notes of fresh plants in the upper notes. Following a fresh and effective opening with bergamot and liquorice, it manifests its flowery and rejuvenating effect with roses, valley lilies and violets in the middle notes. The wooden character in the lower notes fuse with an impeccable must for a soft and lovely ending. Get ready for a walk down mysterious valley.


Carpex became a pioneer in Turkey with the project that it conducted with Toyota Turkey Sales and Marketing Inc. in the field of corporate scenting. The most preferred of scents that were tested in surveys by customers and employees of Toyota plaza was selected as the corporate scent of Toyota. The flowery scent of Toyota, which contains no alcohol and is a blend of all-natural essentials, is obtained from essences of pepper, rose, jasmine, cardamom, and coriander. The flower scent of Toyota was selected from among hundreds of scents and created by taking into account the calming, refreshing, balancing, and joyful effects of odours on people. This scent that was chosen by customers and plaza employees of Toyota is also offered in refreshing wipes, cardboard vehicle fragrances, bamboo special home perfumes, room perfumes, car perfumes, and air-refreshening sprays. Thus, it will be available for use by everyone, whether they may or may not own a Toyota.
Ortam ve Mağaza Kokulandırma - toyota

Following comprehensive surveys and an extensive design process,
Carpex Corporate has designed, with its specialist perfumers, the corporate identity scent of Turkish Telekom. Hitherto, all Turkey-Turkish Telekom stores have been being scented by the Sense of Communication fragrance, designed specially by Carpex Corporate. This scent, which combines all-natural essential oils, brings the power of communication before our noses. The aroma of refreshing, energetic, and vibrant fruits meet the flowers of Anatolian flowers. Its introduction of bergamot, apples and cranberries with their energetic and lively touch, are met by the flowery characters of the Turkish rose, mysterious jasmine, and pansies in the middle notes. And the musk of the base notes hail us with a soft closing created by mildly wooden notes and by amber.



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